Chronic Tendonitis Treatment

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Chronic tendonitis is a condition that causes excessive pain. Basically, tendonitis is a painful condition that causes tendons, which are bands of fibrous tissue that connect muscles and bones, to become inflamed. These tendons will usually feel tender. Swelling in the tendon is also a warning sign. The biggest warning sign is pain that occurs in the muscles and the tendons. A burning sensation or a stiffness may also be felt in the distressed area.

Tendonitis can be a temporary problem but for many it is ongoing. Typically, chronic tendonitis causes inflammation in an area where blood supply is not ample. This obstruction of blood flow leads to damage within the tissue. This deters necessary healing agents such as oxygen to be delivered to the affected area. In other words, there is a slow healing time for the inflamed tendons.

The causes of tendonitis are ordinarily caused by four main factors. The most common source for this very painful condition is the overuse of the muscle. Exercising and different activities can cause a tendon to become swollen, which results in this condition. Tendonitis also can be caused by anatomical reasons. Sometimes there is problem with the muscle not being smooth enough for the tendon to move across. In addition, chronic tendonitis may be caused by trauma to the tendon. In some occasions, the age of the tendon is a contributing factor.

Chronic tendonitis can occur anywhere where a tendon is located. The most common locations of chronic tendonitis are the wrist, the shoulder, the knee, and also the heel. Furthermore, the fingers, the toes, the elbows, and the ankles. These are customarily the most used joints, muscles, and tendons in the body.

Many types of tendonitis are more familiarly known by the common names. For example, tendonitis that is located in the elbow is known as tennis elbow or golfers elbow. When the inflammation occurs in the shoulder, it is generally called pitchers shoulder or swimmers shoulder. When this painful condition is located in the knee, it is commonly known as jumpers knee. Then there is achilles tendonitis, which occurs when the tendonitis is found in the ankle.

Overall, tendonitis is a painful condition that targets the tendons. This variety of inflammation can usually be managed with mild treatment options. The cause is commonly just over usage of the muscles, so be sure to stretch before exercise to prevent this condition.

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